This page lists the members of the 2022-2023 Editorial Board of the Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy. Editors are University of Chicago undergraduates and possess diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and interests.


Hugo Smith and John Lohier

Managing Editors

Lucas Freitag and Marlowe Glass

Deputy Managing Editor
Claire Fu

Associate Editors

Henry Smith, Alexandra Bodmer, Kevin Seiter, YooJin Lim

Staff Writers

Robbie Keirstead, Lindsay Greenspan, Sarah Yang, Vivan Das, Elliot Husseman, Alex Bodmer, William Matar, Francisco Gutierrez, Jack McGlinn, Kaan Alp Acik, Samuel Hagood, Noel Cormack, Wesley McMillan, Alejandra Sarmiento, Jonathan Allen, Tobey Schwimmer, Seth Poling, Tony Liu

Style Editors

Megan Quigg, Layla El-Sherif

Layout Editor

Mallory Braband

Social Media Manager

Saia Patel

Events Directors

Ruby Velez, Sarah Yang